Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to the USA

Sadly, our vacation had to end.  After an early lunch in Richmond, we headed back to Seattle.  I had to take a few more photos of the fall foliage as we don't really have any in Southern California.

Can you identify this plant? 

 It is called Living Lantern or Chinese Lantern. The red lanterns are like paper in texture and there is a bright red fruit ot bulb inside. Makes you want to squeeze and pop it like those packaging bubbles.

Took a few more pictures while we were waiting to cross the border.

I wish the colors were more vibrant but it was very gray and we encountered very strong rain on the way back to Seattle.

We made it back to Seattle in good time so I squeezed in one last quilt store before going to the airport.  This time, we stopped at Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop in Woodinville.  There are a lot of wineries in Woodinville so this store carries a lot of wine themed fabrics.

Goodbye Pacific Northwest.  It's been fun.  Hopefully, I'll be back in another year or two.

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  1. Hey Gigi, love your blog and the tutorial rocks. Merry Christmas!