Thursday, October 13, 2011

Portland, The City of Roses

Day One:
Dad and I took the MAX to the hotel from the airport.  The station stops right outside our hotel and it is very convenient. After checking in, we took the MAX down to Chinatown for lunch.  There's a huge monument sign welcoming you to Chinatown but unfortunately, there were only a handful of restaurants.  That was disappointing.  Next stop: Lan Su Garden.  Now, this is definitely one of the top ten sights of Portland.  It is clean, beautiful and picturesque.  Even dad who has travelled extensively throughout China was impressed.

Here I am doing Chinese calligraphy.  Hard to believe I had weekly brushcalligraphy assignments in Grade School and High School.

Of course, dad did so much better.

This is the Tea Room. 

Here are the picture windows of the tea room.

The tea room is right behind the gazebo.

After the garden, we went downtown and walked around Pioneer Square.  Of course, we had to stop at Powell's Books.  But I was too tired to do any serious browsing.  It was just so overwhelming!

After I dropped dad off at the hotel, I went to the Machine Quilting Expo preview night.  The vendors and quilts were already set up so I had a chance to browse and take lots of photos.  The Machine Quilting Expo is not as big as Road to California or Pacific International Quilt Show but all of the classes were focused on machine quilting- whether you have a domestic, mid-arm or long-arm machine.  There were a number of nationally recognized teachers and the vendors were mostly selling sewing machines, quilting machines, threads, pantographs and other quilting related accessories.  In fact there were only two or three booths with fabric.

Here are some of my favorite quilts at the exhibit.
Check out the beautiful quilting done on this antique quilt top.

I love this quilt!  It is made by 12 ladies and each of them took on an animal and I believe it is called "If Mrs. MacDonald Had a Farm".

And here I am (looking exhausted) with Sharon Schamber.

Off to dinner and bed.  More fabulous quilting adventures tomorrow.

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