Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shopping Trip to Daiso

I stopped by Daiso last week for a couple of items and I found these little treasures.

I decided that instead of keeping my quilt patterns in their original plastic packaging, I was going to put them into these binders to save space.   The binder has 40 pages of clear plastic pages and I decided to choose the green binder for piecing patterns, the yellow binder for Embroidery patterns and a pink binder (not pictured) for applique patterns.  I am amazed how many patterns I own!!!  This excludes magazine patterns and books in my library.  Oy very! 

Anyhoo, I also got these really cute mini scissors (not sharp of course) to take on plane trips.  Aren't they just adorable?  And yes, I absolutely needed these.

I also found these cord organizers.  I am using these for my mini irons.  Don't think for a second that I wasn't tempted to get more than one package.  

My boss just came back from London and Paris and look what she brought me....

This is the October/November 2012 issue.  Want to take a peek inside?

So yummy.  I wish I can find this magazine stateside.  More quilting news next time.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs Quilt

Yey!  I'm finally done with my Raining Cats and Dogs quilt.  This pattern is from Bunny Hill Designs and I started this applique project around December of 2011 and finished it last Sunday.  I re-named this quilt "My Fluffy, Furry Friends".  

Quilting the individual blocks were a bit of a challenge because I got bored making loops and stars and loops and leaves.  I really need to expand my free motion quilting repertoire.

My friend Jennifer does great feathers (freemotion) but I am not at that level yet.  I did a modified feather in the inner border and I am quite happy with it.  It is almost like making half a heart on each side and just alternating it.  

I also blocked this quilt so I don't understand why there is a slight wave on the bottom border.  If anyone has a tip or advice to share for getting quilts to hang nice and straight, please let me know.

The quilt doesn't really photograph very well because the colors are so muted but maybe it is my camera and photography skills.

So far, I have completed 3 of Bunny Hill's applique patterns and I have 2 or 3 other patterns I'd like to make.

I don't own any pets but I wouldn't mind getting a little dog.  Something like this...

or one of these...
(all dog photos from the internet)

but I'm gonna have to lock up my shoes.