Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December Quilts, Crafts and Stuff

December went by so fast!  Sadly, I have not been very diligent about blogging but I do have a lot of quilting, craft and travel news to share.

The first weekend in December, dad and I took a short trip to Big Bear Lake.  It was nice and cold and we had so much fun strolling around the village.  There was no snow so we didn't get to go sledding or tubing but luckily, I found a quilt store!  It is called Patchworks Quilt Shop and it is located in the same shopping center as K Mart.  I was so excited to find a very cute Santa pattern.  I wish I took a close-up photo of the Christmas tree ornaments.  It is decorated with spools of thread, measuring tape, etc.  But, they were nice to let me tape a couple photos of the store.

A couple weeks later, dad and I took an overnight trip to Palm Springs.  On the way there, we stopped at Busy Bee Quilt Shop in Calimesa.  

They have a great selection fabrics and kits.  They also have long arm machines which they rent out to customers who have taken their class.  This is Heather, the owner.

I did break my budget  and bought  this pattern

and I could not resist these flannel Yo Gabba Gabba fabrics. 

My 3 year old Godson is obsessed with YGG and I just had to make him a little quilt.  I did not put batting.  Just two pieces of flannel sewn right sides together and turned it inside out.  I did put a bright green rick rack on the top and bottom.  

That's all the creativity I put into this  project.  I thought about embroidering his name on it but I figured this kid will only let someone else take his YGG blankie away when hell freezes over.  

By the way, Busy Bee will be vending at Road to California.  Check them out.  They have great fabrics and kits.

It was a lot of fun window shopping around Downtown Palm Springs.

Look what I found in a store front window!!!  

Got.  To.  Have. This.
The clerk was very sweet to tell me where I can get myself my own lighted Eiffel Tower (Lowe's) and with the help of Customer Service, we scoured EACH and EVERY Lowe's store in Southern California for one.  I heart Lowes!!!

Despite the short weekend trips, I was able to complete a few blocks for my Abundance quilt.
I decided to outline the outermost layer of the turkey feathers in embroidery floss.  Here are the Before and After photos.  What do you think?



Here's a close up.  Not a very good photo, I'm afraid.

Here's the wheelbarrow.

Sorry the photos aren't looking very sharp.  But I'm excited that I only have three more blocks to go!  Yey!  Now if I'd only control my crafter's ADD, I'd be done a lot sooner.  But nooooo...I had to dabble into other projects like this wool felt candle mat.

And here's my first completed candle mat project.  I've never made a candle mat before but it was fairly easy and forgiving.  No fabric to turn under or threads to hide.

I just wish I positioned Santa's head a little better because he looks like a floating head without a body.  Poor Santa!  

I enjoyed making this so much, I had to make 2 more.  It's so easy and fun. One goes to Lynn B for her birthday.  Now I'm addicted to wool felt projects.  It is actually sad that our local stores do not carry wool felt.  Thank goodness for the Internet!

Well, that's all for now.  Happy new year everyone and may 2013 bring more joy, abundance, friendships and blessings to all!