Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sew Oregon Shop Hop

Let me apologize in advance that all the photos on this post are from the internet.  I was unable to upload my own photos so I will be posting them at a later time.

Day 4:  First stop of the day was at The Pine Needle in Lake Oswego.  Mary Fay was assisting me and she was very nice.  I had mentioned that I was travelling from California and she provided me with a map of all the quilt stores in Oregon.  Coincidentally, their annual statewide shop hop "Sew Oregon" was in progress so I got my official passport and block from The Pine Needle.  I liked the store and their fabric selection.  They had some wool, some shabby chic fabric and a line of patterns from  Metropolitan Quilts.  The designers are local (from Oregon) and this is the first time I've seen their patterns. Very simple but striking.

Next stop, Hollyhill Quilt Shop in West Linn.  I LOVED their fabric selection and merchandising.  Unfortunately, they don't allow photography so you'll have to take my work for it.  Upon entering the store, they had a huge Moda section.  My friends Janet and Jennifer would love it.  They had several lines of Moda's French General, 3 Sisters and Fig Tree so you could mix and match fabric from several lines of each of the designers.  For example, all the Fig Tree fabrics (yardage, pre-cuts), store samples and patterns were in one area so it was easy to shop.  They also have a flair for merchandiing.  Among the French General line were French themed home decor (like signage, stationery, giftware), etc. 

Plus, there was a big table of a Halloween village (houses, figurine, skating rink, etc.) which was just too cute.  I wish I could take a picture.  Instead, here is a link to their blog to see some of their photos.  I really showed restraint at this store.

Next, off the Salem, capitol of Oregon.  We zoomed past the outlet center, een though there is no sales tax in Oregon.  We arrived at The Cotton Patch in Keizer.  We were hungry by then so I got my passport quickly stamped and off to the Wild Pear for lunch.

Wild Pear Restaurant

(photo from their website)

Now this place is worth writing home (or blogging) about.  Food was DELICIOUS.  Dad had the lobster and seafood melt, I had the flatiron steak and spinach salad and we split a pumpkin cake with sour cream frosting.  Our waiter asked me if we would like whipped cream on the side and I looked at him like he was crazy.  Ummm, why wouldn't we?  I just had a salad so yes, I am entitled to whipped cream. ;-)  We had lunch past 1:15 but the retaurant was still crowded so I'm not the only one who thinks this place is fabulous. 

After lunch, we did a quick stop at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest.  I was going to get a rain poncho pttern (adorable) but after a quick math of how much it would cost to make it (3.25 yds x $19.00/yd of laminated fabric + 3.25 yds x $11.90 of cotton fabric), I decided to skip it.  Cute but costs more than what I would normally spend on a raincoat.

Dad and I drove around Salem admiring the parks and huge estate homes.  But alas, no autumn leaves.  Just sporadic yellow or red trees.

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