Friday, October 14, 2011

I Heart David Taylor

Day 2:  I signed up for David Taylor's Organic Quilting for the Art Quilter class and we were welcomed with 15 brand new HQ Sweet Sixteen machines in our classroom.  Each of the machines had the cardboard box sitting next to it and a tag hanging from each one which reads "I am going home with_____".  That was a very tempting proposition considering there is no sales tax in Oregon.

I have been a fan of David Taylor for a few years and have always admired the way he creates very realistic picture quilts.  Earlier this year, I took his Pictorial Applique class and I wish I can say that I finished my tulip and brought it with me to class in Portland but ...yeah, right.  I did bring a line drawing of a rose so David could give me ideas on how to quilt it "organically". The two major things I learned was to practice quilting "flames" and to change thread colors a lot to bring out the shadows and highlights of my pictorial quilts.

David is a fun, patient and very entertaining teacher.  He was able to give all of us individual attention.  The HQ Sweet Sixteen was very easy to use and we all had an opportunity to practice to our heart's content.

  Here is David's example of how to quilt animal faces.

David also showed us his latest work called "Hidden Treasures" of 2 baby hummingbirds in a nest.  It was breathtaking.   Please visit his website to view this increadible quilt.

I bought David's Machine Quilting DVD and one of the things on my wish list is to take a 5 day workshop with David in Asilomar.  What can I say.  I guess I'm a David Taylor groupie.

I met a few ladies who were taking one class per day to make their whole trip worthwhile. I would definitely consider that in the future. I also took a peek at other classrooms and there was one with 8 Gammill long arm machines set up and one with 20 Janome Horizon machines set up. I wonder if they would notice if I walked out with one of the Janomes ;-)

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