Monday, March 5, 2012

The Generosity of Friends

I want to show off the quilt which I first posted about a couple weeks ago.  I posted a teaser of this pink and white quilt and I can finally post the full picture now that the quilt has been given to its owner.

This quilt was made for my friend's mother who is undergoing treatment for cancer.  One of the side effects of her cancer treatment is feeling cold and chilly all the time so I rallied my quilter friends to make this quilt for her.

I had requested everyone for pink and/or white or heart blocks for this quilt.  My goal was 72 blocks but I received a whopping 102 blocks so I had enough for the front and for the back, as well.  The final size came to 48 x 56.  "P" will be taking this quilt with her to her cancer treatments.  May it provide not only warmth but a reminder that we're all rallying around her to beat the Big C.

Thank you to all my friends for making blocks, donating materials and quilting this gorgeous lap quilt.  I truly appreciate your time and effort.  Here's a shout out to the following people:  Lynn, Jane, Patty, Karla, Soley, Nancy, Lorri, Carolyn, Janet, Jennifer, Diane, Veronica, Candace, France, Roxanne, Christina and Marian.

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