Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!

This week, I've been rushing to get an apron made- which will be a Christmas present for a friend. 
The intended recipient requested an apron of black and white toile and 2 days ago, I broke the upperknife of my serger.  Now these upperknives are made of thick metal, much thicker than a rotary cutter blade so it's mind boggling how I managed to do that.  But a quick visit to AllBrands OC Sewing and we were back in business.  Thanks Jeremiah for quickly replacing the upperknife and re-threading my serger too.  You saved me 45 minutes of having to read the manual and trying to shove three threads into the eye of one needle.

So, here's the apron I completed.  It is reversible and keep in mind that white does make things appear larger than they are.  Ha ha.

Oh yeah, and please ignore the sad state of the potted plants.  They are lucky to be green.

May y'all be blessed with peace and love this Christmas and hopefully, Santa will bring you that something special you've been asking for.


  1. I love your apron. I was just cruising around looking for traingle thread catcher patterns. Your tutorial is great.

    1. Thanks Val. I appreciate your kind comments. I will be checking out your blog, as well. Love making new blog and quilter friends. :)