Friday, December 16, 2011

Friendship Group Christmas luncheon

Last Sunday, we had our annual Friendship Group Christmas luncheon and this year we we held it at the Cedar Creek Inn.  We've been together as a group since 2001 and we meet monthly to sew, eat and chat.

For the third year in a row, we picked names and either made a gift or bought a gift for that individual.  So, this year, I'd like to share some of the beautiful gifts and creations with you.

"M" received a beautiful table runner and bird house from "K".

"K" received a table topper and gift card from "L".

"L" received a pattern and a wall hanging from me.

I received a pattern, some fabric and a gift card from "J".

"J" received this clear pegboard and a Kai rotary cutter from "P".

"P" received a beautiful wall hanging from "N".

"N" received a Christmas themed table runner from "S"

"S" received this fragrance warmer from "M" (who also picked up the lunch tab for S as part of her gift).

"L" also made these very cute pincushions for all of us!

   And "K" made her famous fudge and jams for us.  No photo because I ate mine already.

Here are a couple of photos of the goat wallhanging I made.  "L" likes goats and she named this goat Willi (pronounced Villie).  She says it reminds her of the goat across the street from her Oma's house in Germany.  Awww... I love that!  This is a McKenna Ryan pattern.

And finally, I have to post a picture of my furry boots.  I call them my "Winter Wonderland" boots and I love them.  Not a pair to walk a mile in (heck, not even a quarter of a mile), but those who know me know I have a shoe fetish and sometimes, fashion trumps function!

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