Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decorating for Christmas- Part One

My quilt studio is still a mess as I have lots of projects and stuff to put away but the Christmas quilts are now up at the studio.  Here's a quick tour.

The first quilt is called "On Donder!".  It is a Robyn Pandolph pattern which came free with purchase with her Roses de Noel line.  The kit and pattern was a birthday gift to me from my friend Lynn.  Did you know that in older books, the reindeer Donner was known as Donder?  Who knew?  I thought it was a typo until I looked it up on Google.  This quilt was completed in December 2009.  I attached little jingle bells on the antlers so the quilt makes a cute little sound.

This next quilt is called Snow Bound.  It is a free block of the month pattern by Bunny Hill Designs.  I completed this quilt sometime in January or February of this year (2011). This quilt is hand appliqued and machine quilted by me.  It measures 59 x 59.

And finally, here's a quilt called Gingerbread Cookies.  It was completed in May of 2008 and measures 56 x 68.  This quilt took a year to make because of all the hand embroidery and applique work.  This quilt has lots of stories to share.  It was started in June of 2007 when I did a lot of travel for work so I know I have taken it to Florham Park (NJ), Seattle and San Francisco.  The nice thing about hand embroidery is that it is very portable and low maintenance especially if you are only using one color of thread.  The part I liked the least was sewing on the buttons for the gingerbread men's eyes and sewing on a gazillion tiny ribbons.  I was willing to pay to pay someone $0.10 for every ribbon sewn on but I had no takers. ;-)

I know the pink pillows in front of the quilt don't quite go with the quilt.  I will have to put them away and show off a couple of my Christmas pillows.  Stay tuned for that.

(Photo from the internet)

Speaking of gingerbread, I love gingerbread (thus the name of this blog).  My favorite drink is a gingerbread latte from Starbucks.  Ahhhhh...happiness in a cup.  Sadly, it is only available from mid November through mid January.  Super love this drink.  My next favorite drink is a gingerbread shake from Red Robin.  I allow myself one of these shakes per year as it is super high in calories.  And no, I am not sharing.  My favorite room fragrance is from Method called gingerbread spice.  However, I believe it has been discontinued.  Not to fear.  I stocked up on it.  And finally, the best gingerbread cake mix is from Williams Sonoma.  I bake it with sliced pear and served warm with whipped cream on top.

Check back soon.  I will have more quilts to share.

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