Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hearts a Flutter

I spent part of Valentine's Day having lots of fun at my friend Candace's quilting this lovely little lap quilt for a friend.

Or should I say, Candace did all the quilting on her Handiquilter and I watched her do all the work. :-)
Drats!  I should have taken a few photos while this quilt was on the frame but I was too engrossed with watching that I forgot.

This lap quilt (measuring 48 by 54) was loaded on the frame and quilted in less than 2 hours.  Wow!  That was super quick.

And there is a story behind this quilt but it is going to be a surprise so I won't divulge too much for now.  But, the binding is done and it has also been laundered.  So now, I'm off to find a box, pink tissues, pink wrapper and a pink bow to wrap it in.

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