Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A New Winter Scarf for Me!

After I completed dad's scarf, I made one for myself in a bright, cheery, holiday red.  This is a free pattern from Red Heart designed by Kimberly McAlindin.  You can find the pattern here

Here's the photo from Red Heart's website.  I liked the way it goes over her shoulder so next time I will make mine using a larger hook.

LW2286 Shimmer Cowl

I did use Red Heart's Shimmer yarn in red.  Took up 1.5 skeins.  (Available at Joann)  Love the feel of the yarn. Personally, I found the pattern difficult to understand.  But, largely because I am a beginner.  I just started learning how to crochet this summer and all I've really made are scarves and hats.  I got the measurements pretty close to what the pattern indicates.  However, I didn't get the top part as narrow as the pattern's.  I guess I could have done more decreases for a more narrow opening.  But, I didn't want to lose the scallop pattern on the top edge.  It was too complicated for me to figure out.

I wore this last Friday to a Christmas party with a black shirt underneath and a black blazer. Glad I was able to wear it before the 81 degree heatwave we had in Southern California on Christmas Day.

Hope y'all had a wonderful holiday!  

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