Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Long Beach Quilt Show

So did you make it to the 2012 Long Beach International Quilt show?  It was tiring but definitely a lot of fun. Here we are at the Sewing Party booth.

It was a little bit of a challenge for me last Thursday evening (Preview Night) as I had sort of sprained my left foot the evening before.  I was concerned about being on my feet and making it worse.  But, I did ice, compress and elevate my foot so it wasn't too bad.  A bag of vegetables had to be sacrificed in the process but oh well.

It was definitely nice seeing some of our vendor friends especially Carrie Bloomston of Such Designs.

We first met Carrie last year and immediately loved her and her patterns.  Sewing Party carries a few of her patterns and have made kits, as well.  Carrie's mom didn't come to the show this year and I missed her.  Her mom is just so  friendly, lovely and generous.  Hope to see her again next year!

Here's Carrie in front of her new patter- Giggle and Squeak.  It is so cute in person and I am thinking of making it for my godson.  You can make it for both a little boy or girl.  I love that it is whimsical without being too cutesy.

It was also great to meet Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.  I have been a fan of Julie's patterns for a while and was really excited to pick up her first book, Skip the Borders.

Here she is signing a book for me.

Julie and her boyfriend Lawrence are also in Generation Q magazine and Lawrence had generously offered to autograph a copy for me.

They make such a cute pair.  I believe they are first time vendors at the show.

It was also great meeting Jeff and Debbie of Metropolitan Quilt.  I first discovered Metropolitan Quilt patterns in Portland lat year.  I picked up the Eiffel Tower pattern (big surprise) at the Pine Needle last year and Lumineux this year.   

Debbie shared with me that she used to manage Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe prior to venturing out and starting her own company.  

And finally, I am lusting after these silk dupioni fat quarters from The Quilter Studio.  They were selling these gorgeous coordinated fat quarters in a tin box and it was so difficult to make a decision.

(Photos from the Internet)

Holy cow!  Talk about analysis paralysis.  I couldn't decide which one was my favorite.  I figured I am just going to put them on my Wish List and decide later.  

Here are a couple of photos from the internet of what you can do with them.  The patterns were designed by Blue Underground Studios specifically for the silk dupioni boxed sets.  Aren't they just luscious?

I will post photos of the beautiful quilts from the show/exhibit soon.  

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