Monday, May 14, 2012

Real Candy as Eye Candy

I don't think it is a good idea to use real food as home decor.  Just ask my friend Trish S.  She had inadvertently left out a basket of raw eggs for a few months.  I'm sure she was inspired by a photo in Country Living or Martha Stewart magazine.  However, one fateful day, the eggs exploded from the gaseous build up and left a slimy and stinky mess  in her kitchen.  The funny part was that the eggs exploded with such a big bang, sending Trish for cover as she thought it was a gun shot.

That said, I couldn't resist filling this candy jar with something pretty...not just with bulk candy...not just with sparkly ribbons...not just with buttons or any other tschotske...but with AQUA M&Ms.  How pretty is this?

Since a pound these M&Ms cost more than a pound of rib eye steak, they will have to be eye candy for a while...or until a case of an emergency.

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